Turning Logs into Lumber - On-Site Milling



There is an endless use with custom milled wood. No matter what your project is the wood can be cut to any size that the log would allow. Large beams can be cut for building a post and beam home or barn. One customer built an entire rabbitry from milled wood.

There are two common ways to mill wood.

Barn built with milled woodQuartersawing requires much more time and labor to saw. This method also produces narrower boards.  It is therefore more expensive. Quartersawn wood twists and cups less and wears more evenly than plain sawn. 

Plainsawn   is the most common way to mill logs. These boards contain more grain variations than quartersawing because figure patterns resulting from the growth rings are not as evident.


$50.00 Mobilization and set up fee
We will bring the sawmill to your job-site/home and set it up.

$50.00 per hour
The time starts when we start cutting logs.

$20.00 per blade
This covers each blade used on the job.

$0.50 per mile
Traveling outside a 50 mile radius this charge will apply.

The sawmill is a big bandsaw that runs along a track. It can handle logs that are 36” in diameter and 16’ long. The blades are thin kerf bandsaw blades. They generate up to 60% less sawdust than traditional blades, while requiring less power to operate properly and in return uses less fuel sending fewer emissions into the atmosphere

If you need the tree cut down and live in a subdivision, have a tree close to buildings or have many trees, you will need to contact an arborist. I recommend A. W. Flay Tree Surgeon. Tony can be contacted by calling 703-507-1075.


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